Creating Oaktown Pt. 1

So I’ve been missing The Sims 2 for a bit now and I keep finding myself pulled in multiple directions so I’ve decided to let myself go with what currently sounds interesting to me.

The downside is that I might switch between things a lot, but the upside is that I’ll hopefully feel less “stuck” with any one thing. Which means I still get to play/pose in TS4 as much as I want to, but that I also get to play around in TS2.

Since I can’t really stick to one thing at a time, I’ve decided to play around with both making an historical ‘hood (that’s not what this post is about) and a modern one. Because I always miss one or the other and at this point I’m tired of doing neither because I want to do both.

With my historical ‘hood I have a loose idea of how to start things, but with my modern one I wanted to try and avoid starting with nothing. See, BACC are great for a lot of people, but my mind can’t really cope with everyone just having… nothing but a patch of grass.

So when I came across Pleasant Sims’ post on Integrated Custom ‘Hoods that sounded like something I could take and run with. I don’t plan on sticking to it 100% faithfully necessarily, but rather using it as a guideline to move along.

And so that’s what this post is about, the starting set-up of that plan. I’m probably mostly going to be focusing on the creation of sims and their respective roles in this post (I’m typing this as I’m booting up bodyshop, so I might change my mind) and then we’ll see where I go from there.


So Cindy uses 20 roles to help flesh out her town, I like that idea, although I’m not 100% sure yet if I’ll use the same amount of roles or necessarily the same kind of roles. However I’ve decided to list hers below, along with some notes on what I might change them to/alter them to depending on how it goes.

SeamstressI think I’ll keep this as-is.
BakerSame as above.
Social WorkerOn the one hand I like this, but on the other I don’t really want to run an orphanage, so this might be a multi-tasking social worker/school counselor once there’s kids to counsel.
Animal ControlI like this idea, although I might go with a vet instead because I’m not sure I want to manage that many animals.
GrocerKeeping this.
Mail CarrierI might change this to just postal worker since I’m not as bothered about NPCs, but I do like the idea of a post office/parcel delivery service.
MayorI’m looking at this like less of a mayor and more like a leader in charge for the setup of the project that will eventually choose their own mayor (which might be this person, or someone else).
TeacherThere won’t really be anyone to teach initially, so they might have to be part-time librarians or something too.
FiremanKeeping this.
ExterminatorUnsure about this, I’ll forget teleporting them in more than likely and I don’t get bugs that often? I do want an architect though, so I might replace this with that.
Police OfficerKeeping this.
Farmer/FishermanI’m probably keeping this, although they might end up keeping livestock of some kind.
RepairmanKeeping this.
PriestI don’t really do religion in my games, and I think I’ll leave wedding ceremonies for my judges/mayors to do. However I’ll probably replace this with a pub/inn owner.
DoctorKeeping this.
BankerProbably keeping this, although I might have to figure out what they’d do. I guess they might sell deeds of some places?
GardenerI… Honestly never use gardeners in my game, like, ever. However I don’t know if I’ve got a replacement so I guess I might do one livestock farmer and one vegetable farmer? Or botanist?
MaidI think I’m keeping this.
BurglarProbably keeping this.
DriverI might replace this with the journalist from Katatty’s BACC challenge I think.

Currently I’ve only added one sim to my game and placed down some residential lots I wanted. I’m going to have to look for some community lots as well, simply because I know myself well enough to know that I don’t want to have to start off by building quite that many right off the bat.

I don’t hate building, but I know from experience that I burn myself out whenever I start out a new project with having to build all the things. (Which is why this one uses a lot of stuff built by others while my historical ‘hood will probably require a lot of building by me and it’s why this one is my “easy” one in terms of building).

I’m going to be re-using a few of my sims from various other neighbourhoods I’ve made as well as a few madeover Maxis sims that won’t really get to keep much of their “old” selves.

Beyond the NPCs that will automatically generate, I’m not adding any townies as of yet, I might take a page out of katatty’s book and make it something I have to unlock, but we’ll see.

Anyway, for now this is it, I did write this post over several days so if it feels a little bit disjointed and all over the place… My apologies!

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