Porthway Beginnings

This is something I’ve worked on and off on, as well as tried in various different variations before I finally landed on this one.

As you might’ve seen my Medieval Charter Challenge hasn’t progressed much lately (or at all) and it’s not because I’m completely disinterested, rather it’s a combination of things. One being something that Porthway will hopefully go some way to address.

If you know me and my sims, you might know that I used to have a historical-esque kind of neighborhood that I called Malston (links to my tumblr tag) and that I really enjoyed. For a variety of reasons, a very cluttered and disorganized CC folder being one of them, I ended up putting it on hold then decided to start over. And over. And over. Because I couldn’t quite get it to stick.

Part of that is because I tried to keep it to one era, when what sort of made me love Malston, was that it combined a lot of eras, but specifically the Georgian, Regency and Victorian eras.

Another was that the gameplay in Malston started out far less organized than what it grew to be in the end. Malston first started as an attempt at a prosperity challenge that I abandoned before I used the same neighborhood to start a legacy with Gemma Addison. Now legacies aren’t my thing and I’ve never completed one, but this one did help kick Malston off the ground.

Which brings us to my new attempt at an historical-esque neighborhood and to start off with I figured I’d answer some quick questions.

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