Creation of Loford: Week Two

This is the follow up to the post I wrote last week where I chronicle my process of setting up my neighbourhood and everything that goes into it.

Like I said last week this series of posts are inspired by Shannon’s Castles in the Ayre and how she chronicled her beginning and like I said last week;

I decided I wanted to do the same, but again, for the sake of transparency I’m writing this in bits where I write this post throughout the week as I do things so if things sometimes feel a little disjointed it’s probably because I wrote it the following/the next day.

So with that out of the way, let’s take a look at what I did this week!

Monday, 18th of February

On Terrains

I went into this week knowing exactly what I wanted to focus on as soon as I had a chance to get my game running which was deciding on a neighbourhood terrain.

I went through several options while trying to decide what I wanted. I knew I wanted some sort of water, but that I also wanted mountains and for some parts of the terrain to be higher than the rest. However I also wanted a flat terrain so that I wouldn’t have lots with lots of uneven edges.

I wasn’t entirely sure what size I wanted, whether I wanted smaller and more compact or larger and more distance between things. One of the first options I looked at was Mortias Kellswater terrains. I liked them because they were a set and because they pretty much feature what I want. However I wasn’t sure if I wanted something quite so big. That said, I’m pretty sure I am going to use her terrains a little later.

The second terrain I looked at was Heimskurs Aman terrain which I pretty much fell in love with the moment I saw it, but I wanted something with a bit more mountains to it.

The third terrain (or terrains rather, since it’s multiple terrains meant to go together) I looked at was Hafiseazales Aslemore terrains which I’ve used before and love, but they didn’t quite fit the bill this time (although that said, one of the terrains here as well as one of Mortias plus another two I’m about to mention are kind of options for maps with a harbour/port). From there I looked at Beccabears Sagemere terrain which I also really liked, but didn’t quite fit with what I wanted but it is one of the terrains I mentioned above.

The last terrain I looked at, but ultimately decided against, was Plasticbox’s Middleground which I’m more than a little inclined towards making the port/harbour map (it joins one of Mortias, one of Hafiseazales, Beccabear’s Sagemere as a possibility). It had a lot of things I really liked but… Then I found this;

This is Mir Sims Walacre 2.0 terrain and the moment I saw this I fell in love. It has everything I wanted in a terrain, from the mountains to the water (which you can’t quite see in this image). The water is more of a lake, though if I really wanted to I could use Sim City 4 to make it more of a fjord, but… I’m not sure I want that.

It has room for bigger lots, although the really big ones would need to go elsewhere (but then again, this isn’t exactly the sort of place where I imagine that many noble families would congregate anyway). It will fit all the sizes that the MCC requires/asks of you which is the main thing. And while it doesn’t offer a harbour/port/fjord by itself, that’s easily fixed by using one of the other terrains in addition (which in turn would give my merchants and nobles somewhere to live).

Last one, I promise.

Thursday, 21st of February

On CC Shopping

So Thursday was the day were I really got to sit down and start doing some proper CC shopping. I did download some things before Thursday, but nothing near the quantity I did then.

Like I mentioned on my Tumblr I was pretty lucky in that a lot of downloads over at Plumbob Keep were uploaded before Sim File Share was a thing which meant that I could still download quite a lot even though SFS was down.

I have more or less downloaded everything in the main download category of PBK now with the exception of; anything related to clothing, hair, accessories or from the clutter category. I have more or less gone through the same stuff from The Medieval Smithy as well. The only reason I didn’t do clutter was because I was just about to start climbing the wall if I didn’t get to do something a little more hands on.

I didn’t do clothing or anything CAS related pretty much because I wanted a good basis of build and buy stuff so I could do some building (and because although I already have a list of things I need more of/replacement I’d forgotten to grab etc. at this point I’m not missing anything so major that I can’t at least start doing some building).

I pretty much kept up the CC downloading from Thursday until Saturday (in-between those days SFS did come back up and so I grabbed quite a few things from there at last too).

Sunday, 24th of February

On CAS Shopping

So today (as i’m writing and publishing this post today) I actually began my foray into the realm of CAS CC. I still have some clutter, mailbox replacement/invisible recolor/something to grab, but I did decide to begin downloading CAS CC so I could start making some progress there. But! A little more excitingly!

On Building

Yep! I finally decided to go ahead and begin building at least some of the lots. I figure that since I’ll have to build/use a lot of peasant and yeoman houses I should try to build some while I’m feeling creative so that I (hopefully) have some different variations to choose from.

I’m also hoping to maybe get to build some lots like the Village Green just so that I have them when I do eventually reach them. At the moment I’m building in a neighbourhood called Loford DECO which is essentially just the neighbourhood I’ll use hoodreplace on later and so it makes for the perfect building place as well.

Right now (as in right now, I’m currently building still since it’s not that late yet) I have two houses that are more or less done. I might do another post were I post some interior shots and babble more about decorating, but for now (and if I do finish something else tonight there might be more than two houses below, in which case I’ve been very productive, if there isn’t I didn’t come back to this post before it was scheduled to release) I have two finished houses:

A peasant home. I had forgotten that I hadn’t added in my Sun & Moon objects yet (I already have them all downloaded for my regency game) so the yard for this and the next build is a little sparse.
This is supposed to be a house for a yeoman family but I’m not sure if that’s what it’ll actually be used for. I did have the Sun & Moon objects installed this time, but… I’d forgotten to add the collection files and wandering through all objects to find what I needed wasn’t tempting which is why I’m restarting my game again.
So this is one I built mostly for fun since I do suspect that playing anyone in it will be a bit of a pain in the ass. That said, depending on what I roll (that is, if I only roll families with a larger amount of sims I probably won’t use this yet) for families this might yet used sooner rather than later.

To-Do List from last post:

So last week I posted a to-do list for goals I wanted to try and achieve this week and this is how that went:

  • Decide on a neighbour terrain/map
  • Finish downloading buy mode CC
  • Decorate the neighbourhood map
  • Decide on whether to go forth with using the religion mod or not and if I do choose it what tenets/divine beings my sims will be worshipping – in progress
  • Decide on what supernaturals I want to have in the game – in progress
  • Browse through Midge the Tree’s mods (specifically the supernatural mods, but others too) and see what I might want to add.

All in all that’s not too shabby. The latter three were pretty much the ones I felt most uncertain about finishing so I’m pretty alright with that result.

And because I sort of enjoyed having a list to work from I’m going to do another one:

To-Do List (Monday 25th to Sunday 3rd):

  • Decide on whether to go forth with using the religion mod or not and if I do choose it what tenets/divine beings my sims will be worshipping – in progress
  • Decide on what supernaturals I want to have in the game – in progress
  • Browse through Midge the Tree’s mods (specifically the supernatural mods, but others too) and see what I might want to add.
  • Download Hat’s Beards again
  • Build some template homes
  • Build some of the community lots

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  1. Shannon Simsfan

    You got so much done this week! That’s a lot of downloading and it does get mind numbing at least to me. I don’t think I’ve seen aslemore before. The terrain you settled on looks really cool. It sort of seems like a hidden valley like shangri-la.

    The houses look great. I really like the peasant house. Even without objects in the yard it looks good.

  2. Shannon simsfan

    Oh one question: do you plan to start with a small well lot for your sims to draw their water from? I ask because I noticed you said you might build the village green even though you wouldn’t use it till it’s unlocked. I cheated and started with my tavern and village green. It will be interesting to see yours develop by the rules.

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  5. Allysa Hill

    Do you have another link to this map? The posted one is dead, and this is just lovely.

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