Creation of Loford: Week One

For the sake of transparency, this post (and any following it) is inspired by Shannon’s Castles in the Ayre were she basically showed/chronicled how she went about creating her game.

I decided I wanted to do the same, but again, for the sake of transparency I’m writing this in bits where I write this post throughout the week as I do things so if things sometimes feel a little disjointed it’s probably because I wrote it the following/the next day.

So, this is supposed to be something I release every Sunday (unless of course something comes up and I can’t do much, then I might skip one) until I am at a place where I can start playing. I have set up games, historical and not, in less than a week before but that was back when I was a student with oodles of time.

I’m starting this off on Sunday (10th of February) even though I did actually start some preparations before then but for the sake of brevity I’m including it here as though I did it on Sunday.

Sunday, 10th of February

On Names

One of the first things I did when I decided I wanted to attempt an MCC for myself was to try and find a name for it. Either just a project name that I could use to reference it by or an actual name. In this case I actually settled on the name of my (hopefully-to-be city) from the get go.

The name, as you might have seen here and there is Loford which stems Icelandic loforð (as much as I like the accent, the way I have it planned Loford is not in fact going to be set at the height of the Viking Era so I wanted to avoid too much confusion). Loforð is made up of two words: lofa which means to promise and orð which means word. So it essentially means promise word and can be used in the context (in Icelandic) of to promise.

In modern Norwegian (which is my mother language in case you didn’t know) lovord can mean to be praised, or praise as well and I kind of consider Loford to be a combination of those two meanings.

On Aging

Another thing I did was to start looking at how aging is going to work in this neighbourhood. Since I’ve already written a pretty long post on aging over here I’m not going to go too in depth on it here as I would just be repeating what I already said in that post.

The short version is that I decided against Hat’s Gestational Aging mod and iCads version of the same mod as I felt it would have the ages run for too long. Likewise I felt that the way I do aging in my sims 2 game, would conflict with how the MCC is set up and it’s requirements. So I decided on shortening my seasons by 1 day and making it so that age is counted by seasons rather than years and bypassing the idea of years altogether.

On Fertility

The last thing I did was to begin fiddling with ACR to see if I could get it to bend to my age mod so that my sims could enjoy a gradual fertility that would make sense both for the period, the game and for myself.

I have done it once before, but that was a long time ago and I’m not going to lie – figuring out how to do it again was a ever so slightly painful process.

It didn’t help that I started this later late so as of right now I don’t have a working ACR just yet.

Monday, 11th of February

On Fertility, continued

I picked up where I left of yesterday and continued fiddling with ACR and just before bedtime rolled around I think I figured it out (I did some very quick testing but as I said this was just before bedtime and frankly I’d been staring at BHAVs and BCONs for so long at that point that my head needed a break). I am going to test in further a little later in the week, but I want to let my head recover just a little first.

It did take up the majority of my Monday evening though as the only other thing I did for Loford that day was to download columns and briefly glance at some SC4 terrains.

I’m not going super in depth on fertility because I do plan on writing a longer post on it a little later on when I’m sure everything is working as it should. I am also toying with the idea of making my adult stage an Earth Cycle (4 seasons, 16 days) longer but I’m not 100% sure about that yet.

Sunday, 17th of February

So the week kind of got away from me after the last update. I did look at some terrains and download some neighbourhood decorations. I’m currently in the process of choosing one so I think I might try to do a separate post on that (which should have actual pictures and be a bit more interesting to read).

Other than that I have begun downloading build CC and am hoping to at least “finish” (that is, have a basic selection to choose from in terms of beds, kitchen, bathroom etc. furniture and add on as I need to/find things) downloading buy CC throughout this week.

This weekend (Saturday the 16th) was a working weekend and I always seem to get less done in the weeks where I work the weekends (by that I specifically mean during Mon-Fri which is weird since that shouldn’t really be affected by my working schedule).

To wrap this up so that I can post it tomorrow I figured I should end with a current to-do list (which is probably incomplete as these lists often are) beginning with what I hope to do this week and ending with some goals that should be completed in the coming weeks (I remember being a student and being able to set up a new neighbourhood, CC downloaded and all in the span of a week. Unless I have the week off I can’t see that happening now):

To-Do List (Monday 18th to Sunday 24th):

  • Decide on a neighbour terrain/map
  • Finish downloading buy mode CC
  • Decorate the neighbourhood map
  • Decide on whether to go forth with using the religion mod or not and if I do choose it what tenets/divine beings my sims will be worshipping
  • Decide on what supernaturals I want to have in the game
  • Browse through Midge the Tree’s mods (specifically the supernatural mods, but others too) and see what I might want to add.

To-Do list (General):

  • Begin downloading CC clothes (I have a lot of hair from my Regency game that I can use)
  • Download Hat’s Beards again, I miss them.
  • Build some template homes for various stations (also maybe use the Lot Adjuster so I have some rowhouse templates ready should I want them) so I at least have the basic frame ready to go.
  • Build some of the community lots (so that I don’t necessarily drown in building tasks as I earn them. I won’t place them, just have them ready to go/in the works).
  • Roll my Royal Stewart
  • Roll my families
  • Create said sims
  • Decide on how I want to go with updates. One massive one with everyone or as-I-go? (feel free to let me know what you’d prefer to, I think I might do it on a family basis unless it’s a slow play through in which case I might combine some families)
  • Be able to play/begin the more hands on start-up by the end of the month (I’m deliberately putting this last so I don’t rush/feel stressed).

Ideas for posts (in the vein of “On Aging”):

I didn’t mention this, but figured I’d add some in part because it makes it easier for me to keep things straight and in part because maybe someone wants me to go through something that I haven’t added?

  • On Fertility – a post on fertility and what I ended up doing there
  • On Religion – a post about how I end up doing my religions, what social implications it has, gameplay consequences besides whatever the tenets are etc.
  • On Health – this is a maybe, because I’m not sure yet, but I’m thinking of doing a post on health because while I am using Warwickshire’s Health System as my base I am thinking I might do some alterations in terms of when sims get sick/genetic illnesses etc.
  • On Politics – what can I say? I like my courtly intrigue. That said, this post probably wouldn’t be up for a bit as it sort of depends on what I roll for the MCC (not going to lie, part of me wants to hand create my sims, but the other truly relishes the idea of randomising everything)

This in addition to any posts (whether it’s in the style of this one or separate posts) I do about: choosing and setting up the map/terrain, building residential and community lots, rolling and creating families etc.

So yeah, that’s it for now. I’m hoping my tunnel vision will hit me a little this week so I can get some of these things done. The downloading of CC is pretty easy since I tend to do that as I watch something on TV but the rest kind of requires a little more focus.

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  1. Shannon Simsfan

    Writing as you go is so helpful. Even though I didn’t date it, that’s what I did too, and where I did not do that, I know I left out details I would have liked to have recorded because sometimes you end up covering so much ground in a week.

    I did not remember (or know) that Norwegian was your mother tongue. The name Loford is a great solid name and interesting meaning, with the older and more modern meanings. A MCC is sort of a promise, that the neighborhood and sims in it will grow and prosper. I am very excited about seeing it develop, especially the terrain map, the families, the courtly intrigue, the health (I have just read over it but not started using Warwickshire for that) and the religion if you include it– all the things, really! I am interested to see what you come up with for ACR. That is great that you are getting back into it and figuring it out again.

    For the families, it is sort of exasperating sometimes to randomly roll but I do think it makes me use more creativity in the long run than hand creating as I like. I certainly wouldn’t criticize you for creating them as you like, though. I am open to either one post per family, or combined, whatever makes more sense as you are doing things. Probably the biggest advantage I can think of for individual posts is that you can make a directory more easily later by referencing the individual posts.

    You may read it in my comment, but I feel that I really can’t tell you how excited I am to read another MCC starting. Woot Woot!

    1. Valneanne

      I mostly decided to date it so I’d know where I left of since I kind of used it as a way for me to keep track of what I needed to be doing 🙂

      I don’t know if I’ve really mentioned where I’m from much as of late, but I did kind of want to work in some tidbits of Norway without necessarily having to go all the way towards making it a viking neighbourhood. I kind of wanted to have a little more flexibility than force myself to stick to one era (although that said, there are some aspects of viking culture that I’m using, but I’m kind of combining that with the renaissance so :P)

      And that’s a very cool way of looking at it! Yeah, I’m excited as well especially now as I have a terrain and a couple of buildings I’m starting to be able to make it feel a little more real and a little more mine which is very nice.

      I’ve enjoyed using Warwickshire’s health system for births and for seeing how certain sims might face challenges earlier than others. That said I do (and probably will) roll for the baby’s THS so that if they don’t live long after birth it might just be written in as a miscarriage (to save on character files and because I’m not quite sure I want to play that out (and if I do I can always use a deco baby)) and don’t really tend to do toddler or child deaths because that’s a little bit more grim than I like.

      Yeah, I’m expecting to find it really annoying in parts, but I do agree with you that it will make me be more creative and I figure I can always use some of the “extra” sims (i.e. the military barracks for instance) as somewhere I can be a little bit more hands on.

      I figure that the directory is the biggest reward of doing it family by family so I suspect I might do that unless I absolutely feel it would be better to combine things.

      Hah! I’m glad to hear it! I’m pretty excited to get started myself although I am kind of longing to play, but oh well 😛

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