On Aging

This might seem like a weird post to start on given that I haven’t exactly provided any clues (not because I’m attempting to be overly clever and surprise anyone but because I’m currently working out those particular kinks) on what Era I’ll be drawing from. However it IS an important aspect and one I’d really like to nail down (although that said, I’m pretty open to changing this around so nothing is set in stone and I may alter this as I need to) so I know what I’m working with.

The first thing I guess I should say is that I do plan on using the Medieval Charter Challenge by Vllygrl as my base with several things from the Warwickshire: A Renaissance Challenge tossed in for good measure.

If you’ve followed my old historical neighbourhood Malston (if you haven’t, here’s the briefest of recaps: It was a historical mix of Victorian, Georgian and Regency that used ROS and quite a few tid bits from Warwickshire to give challenge to the gameplay) you might know that I have used the latter in parts before. However, I haven’t really used the former, though I’ve been well aware of it for quite some time.

As it is, I’m probably going to be looking towards the Medieval Era, and probably more specifically around the Renaissance Era for inspiration but also add in some fantasy because, why not? It’s been forever since I’ve played with anything supernatural.

The reason why the Era is kind of important is that it helps inform me of what kind of life expectancy I might be looking at. As it is there are two mods out there that a lot of people tend to use when it comes to Medieval times and the first one is Hat’s Gestatlional Aging and the second is iCads edit of that mod to give you a middle age so not all of your sim turn grey by their mid 40’s.

Now both of those mods are great, I’ve used both before (I’m currently using the latter in a Regency-esque thing I sometimes dabble with) but they have one thing in common: they’re very long.

As much as I love getting to know my sims and having time with them, I also like the thought of time passing by and seeing people grow and generations pass by.

But the original Maxis aging just seems too short for me (I could change my mind on that, but right now it seems very short).

So! I have sort of come up with something that I think might work.

First of all I had to force my brain away from thinking in terms of years which is what I do for my modern neighbourhood and in stead I began thinking about a world where age is measured in seasons.

What I decided to do was use some of Hat’s logic where rather than fiddle with the pregnancy length I’d work around it. So sims stay pregnant for 3 days.

I thought about making it so that every season would bring my sims closer to the grave, but I don’t like 5 day seasons. I’m not sure why, but by the fifth day I’m ready to move on and I feel anxious to do so. So I decided to try out a mod that allows me to shorten down the seasons by 1 day.

So I have 4 day seasons now. I could have made it shorter but I am using the MCC as a base and I’m probably tempting fate by removing one day, let alone two.

So this is the current outline of how my aging will work for my sims;

Life StageTotal amount of seasonsTotal days
Baby1 season4 days
Toddler2 seasons8 days
Child4 seasons16 days
Teen8 seasons32 days
Young Adult4 seasons16 days
Adult12 seasons48 days
ElderMin. 1 season Max. 8 seasonsMin. 4 days Max: 32 days
Total amount w/o YA:Min: 38 seasons. Max: 45 seasonsMin: 112 days. Max: 140 days
Total amount w/YA:Min: 42 seasons. Max: 49 seasonsMin: 128 days. Max: 156 days

Which is hopefully long enough for me to feel like I get to stay with my sims for a while without feeling like I never get to see the next generation.

Oh, and if you’re wondering one full rotation of seasons (that is 4 seasons regardless of what season it is) is called an Earth Cycle in my game. But they don’t use it to count their ages, just to count the Earth Cycles.

So there you have it!

I’ll fiddle with the age files pretty soon and while I’m at it I’m going to see if I can still remember how to work with the ACR tuning files and adjust the fertility accordingly as well.

Hopefully this is of interest to some, I do plan on working out some religion ideas and what not pretty soon as well as actually get to looking at some terrain maps, CC and other fun bits and bobs.

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  1. Shannon Simsfan

    Oooh I am so excited about seeing your ideas develop and come to life! I can’t believe it took me so long to discover the Warwickshire – just a month or so ago – and it will be fun to follow what you do with it and the MCC. One of the things I’m enjoying in Ayre is dabbling a bit with the supernaturals, since I’ve almost never included any of it in my other ‘hoods.

    Your aging ideas are really cool. The idea of earth cycles instead of years, and basing aging on seasons, is awesome. It really fixes the whole problem with years (4 seasons) not lining up with aging unless you make sims’ life spans so, so long. So what you’ve come up with here has toddler, child, and teen stages twice as long as default, in number of days, which seems like a good balance to feel like you can do the things you want to do during each stage.

    If you don’t mind sharing what are your thoughts on fertility for the middle ages and how you are going to do that in the game?

    Also looking forward to the religion ideas and which terrain you pick!

    1. Valneanne

      Yeah, Warwickshire is one of those hidden gems that gets more awesome the more you look at it. I haven’t dabbled with supernaturals in years, but I’ve felt the desire to recently so I decided a historical game would be the perfect place to do so (and give my sims more reason to be superstitious!).

      That was exactly was I was hoping it would (and still hope it does once I actually get to play some) do since I do love having my sims experience seasons but I don’t want to feel like all four seasons = a year and is therefore connected to their ages because like you say, that make for incredibly long lifespans.

      As far as season length goes (to answer your second comment) I figure it’ll probably make things feel a little tight in the early stages as things need to grow etc. so I might use SimWardrobe’s season mod to add a day to a family’s season if I see that they’ll really struggle. However that will only be done for the first round or two just so that I don’t end up with starvation taking most of my sims.

      When it comes to fertility I’ve started looking at some ideas of how I ant to implement them, I might do a longer post on it next, but so far what I’m keeping in mind is that nutrition, and lack of it, impacts when puberty sets in and how fertile you are. So for people of higher stations puberty might come sooner and allow for fertility sooner than it would for someone poorer who had less reserves. That and since it does appear that early marriage was predominately something nobles did (although not only) and “later” (that is late teens around the time of the Black Death, a little later before that) marriages (typically meaning early 20’s) was more common for the lower classes.

      Part of that was due to women working outside the home so that they could help earn themselves a dowry, part of it was men finishing apprenticeships, part of it again comes down to food so in periods were food or work was scarce (pre-Black Death for instance) people married later than they did when it was more readily available (post-Black Death when there was a lack of workers).

      Obviously I can’t cater to both noble women and lower class women at once, but keeping in mind how the body works and how it is (generally) tougher for the body to get pregnant and/or carry a pregnancy to term the younger you are I figure I’ll error on the side of my sims being a little older.

      So right now I’m thinking that fertility won’t set in for my teens until they’ve at least lived through 5 seasons, I might go with 6, I’m not entirely sure yet but I don’t want (nor need really) them to be popping out children in their second season of being a teen.

      And even then their teen years is not going to be when their fertility peaks, because again, nutrition factors into it as well as age and so while it’ll be possible it won’t be the age that they peak at. Rather I think I’ll aim for their peak fertility coming around 2nd and/or 3rd season as adults and then gradually lower it again until it pretty much stops in their 9th season which gives them some time as adults before they turn into elders.

      That was all supposed to be brief, but oh well. I hope it answered some of what you asked for at least!

      I’m looking forward to toying with the religion and to choosing terrains, I don’t mind tinkering with ages and fertility but I am looking forward to the less technical side of things too!

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Shannon simsfan

    Oh yes. I forgot to say I think 4 would be nice season length from a standpoint of enjoying the game but I am finding early on it takes a good 4 days to start to make money or grow food.

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