We’re Nearly There (Graduation Post)





So I’m not entirely sure how I want to start this blog out, but I figure that some kind of start is better than none. I’m also still working on things, but I don’t like just working and no playing and my universities are more or less ready so I figure I’ll start there.

Since this blog is brand spanking new and I don’t have all my information posts up yet, I’ll do a brief introduction to each university, then move onto the students that have graduated.

First though, all credit for any and all lots shown goes to Jodelie who’s the sole reason I decided to go with three universities when I could have just stuck to one. Which I might go back to, once all is said and done, but we’ll see.

Westhill University

Westhill University, or WU as it’s also known is one of the older universities around. It offers studies such as theatre, law, political science, fine art, psychology and so on. It prides itself on its tradition and on providing the most excellent education.

Westhill University used to be Académie Le Tour.


University of Creston

The University of Creston, or UoC, is newer than WU, but still has quite a history. Some see it as providing more “general” forms of education, however it is the only school to offer studies in medicine and physical therapy. Aside from that it also offers studies within the culinary arts, economics, modern art, social welfare studies, education and many other courses.

University of Creston used to be Sim State University.

Bailee Institute of Technology and Engineering

Bailee Institute of Technology and Engineering, or BITE as it’s also known, is the newest addition and offers courses within cutting edge technology such as biotechnology, biochemistry and industrial design. It also offers courses in music, sound technology, architecture, graphic design, fashion design, physics, civil engineering and many more.

Bailee Institute of Technology and Engineering used to be La Fiesta Tech.

Mercutio is off to Westhill University to study theatre and rhetoric. He’s happy to experience something new, though he’ll miss his brothers and his sister. He’s not excited about sharing a dorm with Tybalt and is hoping that the other will end up leaving on his own accord.

Tybalt is also off to WU, but he’s studying law. Given that he and Merc will have to share a dorm, he suspects he won’t have much peace, maybe he’ll even get into a fight. He hopes that Mercutio flunks out and gets out of his hair that way.

Dustin is another one off to WU. He’s a little undecided on whether he wants to go the law route or the political science one but figures he’ll decide once he gets there. He and Angela broke up in their junior year of high school but are sharing a dorm so that might be awkward.

Angela is the last one in this group that’s heading to WU and she’s going there to study dance and classical music. She and Dustin didn’t hang out much or talk before they broke up and even less once they did so she doesn’t see an issue with sharing a dorm.

Dirk is going to University of Creston to study medicine. He’s following in his father footsteps, but hoping that he’ll make a name for himself as well. He and Lilith are still dating, but will be doing a long distance relationshio. Since he’s going on his own he hopes it won’t be too intimidating to make some friends.

Lilith is going to Bailee Institute of Technology and Engineering to study programming. She’s a little nervous about being on her own so far away from Dirk, but also quite happy to escape her sister and all her issues.



So there you have them! Like I mentioned I still have a bunch of stuff I need to get up. Sim profiles being one (which will probably come as soon as these guys actually move to university in my game) and the other two university profiles being another (BITE (yes, I chose the name because I like the acronym) will probably be the first one up), but I wanted to actually get started and not get too bogged down in all the things I need to do otherwise I won’t do anything.

And apparently everyone except Merc had a horrible skin day the day school photos were being taken. Ah, teenage years, I do not miss you.

The next post will probably be a little about where they’ll be living and who they’ll be living with. I do have another two (well more than that, but there’s an age gap) group of teens who’ll be heading to university once this group gets through their first and second year. The next one has Beau Broke, Romeo and Juliette as well as Miranda (who, along with Merc is probably one of my favourite Veronaville sims) and the one after that has Afton Broke (Dustin and Beau’s little sister), Hermia, Hal and Bottom to mention some.

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