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This is were I chronicle my journeys through various sims experiments (mainly sims 2). I’m currently playing through the medieval charter challenge as well as a couple of other neighbourhoods:


Part BACC, part prosperity, part integrated economy and a whole lot of chaos most likely. Oaktown is my quasi-BACC attempt, because I don’t like starting with nothing and no one and with my sims having nothing of their own. So. BACC, but not quite. 

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Bydell which is a modern re-imagining of two Maxis neighbourhoods; Pleasantview and Veronaville with the Maxis university subhoods added.

It’s in it’s early stages but it is being played from time to time. Currently Lilith, Angela, Dustin, Dirk, Mercutio and Tybalt have just entered university.

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Loford which is an historical game currently in the making so most of the post are currently about setup and planning but will eventually form into an actual neighbourhood.

Currently I’m in the stage on deciding on the pre-dominant era I’ll be drawing from, how I’ll go about aging my sims and other bits and bobs involved in the start-up of this neighbourhood.

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Porthway is a historical-esque neighbourhood that takes most of its inspiration from the Victorian, Georgian and Regency eras. 

It’s a mix of a Build a City Challenge, the By George! challenge by vllygrl, the Homestead challenge by child_of_air as well as a tiiiny dose of the Medieval Charter Challenge and the Warwickshire Renaissance challenge. 

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